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Note all scar tissue areas must be healed for 1 year before medical tattoo can be performed.

Mastectomy Tattoos & Realistic Nipple

Realistic nipple and areola tattoos can be completely created from scratch, whether there has been nipple reconstruction or not. In the case of a uni-lateral mastectomy, the existing nipple and areola can be matched with the hyper realistic tattoo. Corrections can also be made in the event that there is pigment loss or scarring left behind from a breast lift, augmentation. Many patients do not require touch ups however I recommend at least one follow up visit to ensure that the tattoo not only healed properly, but that the color is saturated properly especially on any scar tissue, and to make sure that you as the client are completely satisfied.

Scar Cover/Camouflage

The use of flesh tone pigments to camouflage hypo pigmented skin and scar tissue is revolutionizing the medical and tattoo industries alike making it possible to completely disguise any scar , c section, face lift, breast lift/ augmentation, stretch marks, etc.. Unfortunately, much like most medical procedures tattooing scar tissue can be unpredictable, For example keloid scars, though they may hold the ink, the keloid will remain and texture of the tissue will stay as is. These areas may require multiple sessions until the desired effect is achieved. Also, note that any areas of tissue that are hyper-pigmented are not good candidates for camouflage tattooin


There are a few different techniques used in this procedure depending on the desired effect. Powder fill would be the use of one or multiple colors to create a full yet soft natural look. Microblading is used when the desired effect is a more realistic hair strand look.


Tattooing the lips is the best way to create long lasting shape and definition that wont run. Due to the reproduction rate and consistency of the lip tissue, this ink may require touch-ups every 1-3 years.

Hair Micro Pigmentation

The use of specific techniques and colors are used to create the illusion of hair growth. Especially effective on areas of thinning, scarring, and areas where growth does not occur

Customer Testimonials

I felt safe and calm and comfortable. He was very professional, everything was perfectly sterile. Never going to a different place ever again!

Chase CarlsonNewport Beach

This was my 3rd tattoo & I'd have to say it was the best experience. Genuinely nice staff, especially Jason (my artist). I'm getting countless compliments on the ink & am looking forward to the next visit.

Carley KohenSanta Ana

I got my tattoo last Thursday and I can't tell you how many compliments I have received. It came out better than I ever expected and I am so happy with it.

Corey SmithGarden Grove


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