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jason lewis
Paramedical Artist

Jason Lewis

Paramedical tattoo artist, Jason Lewis, is blessed with natural artistic talents and a heartfelt desire to help others. Jason started his tattooing career at a shop in Costa Mesa, CA, in 2006 and quickly advanced his abundant skills. These led to his acquisition of that same shop in 2007 when he created Blue Collar Tattoo, which aligned with his roots.

In 2009, Jason’s shop participated in a fundraiser for a ten-year-old girl diagnosed with breast cancer. The meaningful work he and his staff accomplished led Jason to a profound realization: he could merge his heartfelt compassion with his professional talent to truly impact people’s lives.

Jason began practicing medical tattooing in 2012, expertly creating realistic images and colors that perfectly blend with any skin tone. His minimally invasive work leaves little damage to the skin. These artful tattoos have revolutionized the way his clients’ happiness can be enhanced by skillfully concealing surgical scars. Jason is now a renowned, sought-after paramedical tattoo artist, with clients from various countries seeking his services. His dedication and precision led to an invitation in 2016 by Dr. Terry Dubrow to appear on the TV show Botched. To date, Jason has featured in nine episodes over seven seasons. Collaborating directly with Dr. Dubrow, Jason has gained a comprehensive understanding of surgical procedures and works diligently to create the perfect solution for his clients.

Jason’s medical tattoo work includes but is not limited to, hyper-realistic areolas and nipples, scar camouflage, lips, eyebrows, and both micro-pigmentation and intradermal pigmentation. He takes immense pride in every tattoo he creates and strives to personalize the experience for each client. Jason’s innate ability to connect with people and create a calm, pleasant experience for each individual is one of his many strengths. He takes pride in his work and that of his staff and continues to teach and train others to work alongside him. Jason has been a guest speaker at women’s expos in the past and is committed to continuing his support for women. His focus is truly on the client.

“I want the person to feel whole, I want them to be happy with themselves, and if I can help be a part of this chapter in their lives—that’s all I could ask for.” – Jason Lewis.

Throughout Jason’s career, his family and support system have grown to include his wife, Madison, who works alongside Jason, ensuring the smooth operation of their shop’s day-to-day business. Jason and Madison have three children: Gage, Stella, and their most recent addition, Dane. In 2023, Jason harnessed his talents and ignited his passion to open his second shop, thereby creating a legacy that will remain in his family for years to come.

Paramedical Artist

Taylor Harai

Taylor Harai has been a life long classically trained artist. From the age of seven she was taught realism techniques, and later went on to teach fine art at the academy where she studied. To further advance her art education, Taylor graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a Bachelor’s degree in studio art with a minor in the history of art and visual culture. Specializing in watercolor and acrylic painting, Taylor brings her deep understanding of color theory to her portraiture while pushing the boundaries of realism.

Taylor was first exposed to the world of paramedical tattooing when her Mother received an areola replacement procedure from Jason Lewis. After seeing the impact it made on her mom’s confidence and self esteem, Taylor saw how she could use her talent and deep understanding of art to enrich the lives of others. She completed a three year apprenticeship under Jason and has since graduated to provide paramedical tattoos herself.


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