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Mastectomy Tattoo Curriculum Overview

Jason Lewis believes that the Mastectomy Tattoo is one, if not THE, most important piece of tattooing we learn. As a Paramedical Tattoo Artist, it goes beyond mere execution of a procedure, or memorization of key terms or pigments to use, it’s having empathy and respect for survivors, and truly understanding how impactful and important this procedure is for these brave people, and always bringing that consciousness, and respect to every single procedure executed. In this simple, yet difficult and often underestimated process, we take immense pride. It is a time tested, proven method to achieve a natural, realistic, 3-dimenstonal nipple and areola tattoo on what is commonly known to be the very unusual, and often unpredictable surface of scar tissue.

In this course, you will be learning the delicate art and procedure for ,conducting a professional, lasting, realistic 3-dimensional nipple and areola tattoo. The course will go over several key facets of Paramedical Tattooing, they are listed below:

  • Regulatory and the business of Tattooing
  • Anatomy
  • Surgeries of the Breast
  • Treatments
  • Reconstruction
  • Consultation
  • Equipment
  • Nipple and Areola artistry
  • Hands on destgn and actual application on practice pads
  • Questions and Answers period

This course and its content are covered in a brief 2 day where Jason Lewis himself shares his insight, on technique, bedside manner, business philosophy, creating a memorable experience for the patient, as well as the key things to know when going into this line of tattooing. He will reveal the important details on how to execute a proper Nipple and Areola Tattoo, as well as how to protect the client and build a business based on respect, professionalism, courtesy, empathy, and quality.


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