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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions asked for all procedures. If you’re question is not listed below please contact us and we will get back to you promptly with the pertinent information.

Can work from another artist be fixed?

In most cases, yes! However a face to face consultation will be necessary to examine the previous work.

Will it fade?

Most often, yes. 25%-35% on normal tissue. Scar tissue can be unpredictable. The better you care for your skin the better it will heal.

Will it hurt?

Depending on the procedure, everyones tolerance to pain is vastly different. A topical anesthetic used during most procedure to ease pain to little or nothing.

How long do procedures take?

Hyperrealistic areolas take approximately 1-1.5 hrs.
Lips take 1-2 hrs.
Eyebrows take 1-2hrs.
All other procedures vary

How long will it take my tattoo to heal?

Swelling and redness may occur for up to a week. To fully heal, depending on procedure, it may take 4-6 weeks.


We proudly use Tegaderm for most of our procedures
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1. For the 1st week avoid excessive sweating and any activity that could potentially introduce dirt or bacteria into the procedure area.

2. Keep procedure area out of direct sunlight. Also avoid spray tanning and tanning booths. *do not apply sunscreen in the 1st two weeks.

3. Do not submerge in water. (Spa, Pool, Bath tub, Sauna) showering as normal is fine.

4. Do not touch unless washing the procedure area.

5. Do not let plasma dry on surface of procedure area. This leads to scabbing and will adversely affect the procedure area.

6. Thoroughly clean procedure area 3x per day with an unscented, liquid antibacterial soap. (Dial Gold) wash in a gentle, circular motion with your hand. Do not use anything abrasive. (Towel, loofa, or other exfoliating devices.)

7. Begin applying moisturizing agent to procedure area. Apply 2x a day. The moisturizers should be used sparingly and any excess wiped away. The over application may cause adverse effects during the healing process. (Aquaphore, A and D.)

8. Do not pick or peel skin or scabs if they appear. Let them fall off naturally. The picking of scabs will pull out pigment or cause scarring.

9. Continue washing and moisturizing 2x per day until the 2 week mark is reached.

10. Reduce moisturizer if irritation occurs and contact us with any concerns or symptoms you may be experiencing.


The better you care for your skin the better the tattoo will look overtime. To prolong the life of the tattoo avoid direct sunlight and any damage to your skin.


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